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Interviewed by Elie for SPIRE

SPIRE: What are your turn ons?
Elizabeth: I love a "Good" guy. Someone smart, out-going, loving, has a healthy life style, and is spiritual. Everything else I can teach!

SPIRE: What are your turn offs?
Elizabeth: Negative, low self-esteem, controlling, and if I'm doing better in life than him, that's a turn off!

SPIRE: What nationality are you?
Elizabeth: Guess? Mexicana! Born in the U.S. but parents from Mexico.

SPIRE: How did you get into the whole modelling scene?
Elizabeth: At the time MySpace was around and a modelling agency asked me if I wanted to attend their casting. I did and everything else fell into place. I was attending CSU Chico at the time and didn't have any intentions of modelling, but I guess things happen for a reason.

SPIRE: What do you do with your free time?
Elizabeth: I don't have much free time because I'm always working but when I do, I love to run (intense work out), hang out with my family, and/or go out dancing.

SPIRE: What kind of clothing on a guy would catch your attention?
Elizabeth: It’s not the clothing that makes me look; it’s their energy that turns my head.

SPIRE: What would you wear to seduce a man?
Elizabeth: Every man is different. I would just use my eyes and my smile (wink).

SPIRE: What’s the perfect date if someone was to take you out?
Elizabeth: A love a dinner, followed by something spontaneous.

SPIRE: If a guy had 5 minutes to get your attention, what should he do?
Elizabeth: Stand OUT! Makes some noise or something (laughs).

SPIRE: Have you ever made the first move on a guy?
Elizabeth: Not physically BUT mentally yes.

SPIRE: What’s your sexiest feature?
Elizabeth: Most say my eyes and smile.

SPIRE: If you weren’t a model what would you be?
Elizabeth: I have a BA in Liberal Studies, so I would be a teacher right now. Probably working with Elementary kids.

SPIRE: Where do you think men go wrong with women?
Elizabeth: Women are so easy to love! And once you love them right, a man will have it all. Just "KNOW" your woman.

SPIRE: What is the weirdest thing that ever happened to you?
Elizabeth: I have so many stories! I was at a photo shoot and the photographer kept getting closer and closer with the camera. Then he stole a kiss! That was weird and then I had to slap him.

SPIRE: One bedroom tip for men?
Elizabeth: Treat it like it’s your first (smiles).

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