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Interviewed by Elie for SPIRE

SPIRE: What nationality are you?
Joyce: English, Irish, French, Italian, and German.

SPIRE: What was it like shooting for SPIRE?
Joyce: I was so excited and very fortunate to be able to shoot at my friend Gavin Maloof's beautiful mansion where the Lil Wayne - Lollipop music video was filmed, that we both appeared in back in 2008. Had one of my best friends Sarafina to help out and shoot a couple pictures together.

SPIRE: What does it feel like seeing yourself in a magazine?
Joyce: I feel completely honoured and proud.

SPIRE: Best pick up line you’ve heard?
Joyce: Usually pick up lines don’t win me over. I like it when someone has something genuine to say to start the conversation if they're interested.

SPIRE: How did you get into the whole modelling scene?
Joyce: I was helping out as a stylist for a fashion show when I was in fashion design school and was asked to walk on the runway instead.

SPIRE: What do you enjoy about Mixed Martial Arts?
Joyce: The fighters are so sexy and athletic. MMA is a really intense, disciplined, sport and it’s hot that a guy can have so much power with his hands.

SPIRE: What would you wear to seduce a man?
Joyce: A black satin thong panty, under a tiny skirt with garter belts and heels. Right as he's coming home, I would be bending over adjusting my pantyhose.

SPIRE: What’s your sexiest feature?
Joyce: My legs.

SPIRE: How do you maintain that amazing body?
Joyce: I usually eat very healthy, but I do love food and don’t deny myself for long periods of time when I’m craving something delicious. Working out is very important as well for me.

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