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Interviewed by Elie for SPIRE
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Elie: What nationality are you?
Nikki: All American Girl Next Door.

Elie: Best pick up line you’ve heard?
Nikki: He said, “Wow…you should be a model” and when I said, “I am”, he didn’t believe me!

Elie: How did you get into the whole modelling scene?
Nikki: I was a bartender and Bud Girl in college, and someone suggested I give it a try. So I did, and it turns out I’m pretty good at it! I had some photos taken and ended up having great
success with glamour and swimwear modelling.

Elie: Describe yourself in one sentence?
Nikki: I think I’m stubborn and realistic, but also fun, confident, and loving.

Elie: What kind of clothing on a guy would catch your attention?
Nikki: A banana hammock a’la Borat. Or a sharp, nicely tailored suit would do the trick.

Elie: What would you wear to seduce a man?
Nikki: Sometimes less is more, but sometimes more is more. I think a sexy suit or low cut jeans and tight sweater give a guy something to enjoy pealing off and imagine what’s underneath.

Elie: What’s the perfect date if someone was to take you out?
Nikki: I’d say dinner and drinks at one of my favorite places followed by something thought up just for me. It’s all in the details though… my favorite flowers on the table, my favorite drink ready for me… those kinds of things.

Elie: If a guy had 5 minutes to get your attention, what should he do?
Nikki: Make me laugh…it’s that simple.

Elie: Have you ever made the first move on a guy?
Nikki: Absolutely. If I see something I want, I’m going to go after it.

Elie: What do you have a weakness for?
Nikki: I love French fries, super high stilettos, and champagne!

Elie: What do you look for in a guy?
Nikki: Sincerity, honesty, a sense of humor, passion, and drive. A man who knows what he wants is so sexy!

Elie: What’s your sexiest feature?
Nikki: I like my big eyes, but I get complimented on my chest a lot from guys and girls… they all want to know if they’re real.

Elie: One bedroom tip for men?
Nikki: Slow down! Take your time and don’t make it all about you.

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