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By Soraya Garcia for SPIRE

Being in a committed relationship can be fun – but it doesn't have to be. With divorce rates on the rise and difficult long-term relationships, being “friends with benefits” - implies having casual sex with a friend, yet not having an exclusive relationship with them.

Friends with benefits – Why?
Ideally, a regular relationship should be based on closeness, love, romance, shared responsibilities lust, trust and happiness. Unfortunately, not all interpersonal relationships happen to be like that. After a while, romance and lust are often substituted by frequent arguments, boredom and decrease of sex, trust issues, dependency and infidelity.

So how is having casual sex with your friend better than hooking up with a stranger for one night?
Having a one-night-stand is free of any responsibilities for the most part, but lacks affection, while a relationship in its regular form offers comfort, yet often loses its sexual spark after a while. In theory, many individuals, especially men, are very much in favor of this type of casual relationship, but does it really work?

Advantages and Disadvantages of hooking up with your friend:

+ No to little shared responsibilities:
The only thing you are really responsible for in this relationship is using protection – no common daily chores, no arguing about the family vacation budget.

+ It's fun. And exciting.
Being friends with benefits mostly means hot and steamy dates when both parties feel like it –without obligations.

+ Hey, after all it's just your friend.
Sleeping with a good friend generally offers more trust and affection than sleeping with a complete stranger, that may turn out to be a scary stalker in the worst case scenario.

- You'll probably never hear “I love you”.
Even though this casual relationship can give affection to some, it is not likely to be the “full-on, loving” experience. Some people may feel like they may be missing out on something crucial.

- What about the friendship?
As exciting as the hook-up may be, once it ends you don't only lose a casual lover, but a good friend as well.

- What if they/I fall in love?
In this case, it's a “make or break” situation – either you become “real” lovers or you lose the friendship.

Being friends with benefits can be exciting – yet the parties should be entirely sure that hooking up casually with each other is really all they want and expect; they should also be aware of the fact that they may be risking their friendship.

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