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There are tons of articles and books printed on the subject of why men cheat, but it is only every once in a while when we see a write up on the straying woman and an in depth look into why women cheat.
Women are creatures of emotion ruled by their feelings and hearts, and when a woman decides to step outside of her monogamous relationship to seek attention elsewhere, the motives are usually backed by an emotional disconnect over a lack of physical connection. There are a number of
reasons why women decide to be unfaithful, but here are 5 of the reasons why women cheat.
1. Lack of Intimacy
Intimacy isn’t just about sex. It involves those displays of affection that women crave such as cuddling, kissing, holding hands and communicating. These actions make a woman feel connected within a relationship beyond just sex, and when she isn’t receiving the intimacy she desires, she will go outside of the relationship to seek that adoration from another man. To help bring a deeper level of intimacy into your relationship, try planning a nice romantic dinner for the two of you at home, or give her a foot massage while watching television. The simplest of gestures will leave her feeling loved.
2. Feeling Ignored
Feeling Neglected/Ignored/Underappreciated.
A woman usually wears many hats in a relationship from keeping the household clean, to cooking and caring for children and also making sure she has time to take care of you and pay attention to your needs. When you begin to take her for granted and she begins to feel more like a maid than your girlfriend/wife, she may stray. It also gives her more of a reason to seek attention elsewhere when you spend most of your time outside of the house and not enough time with her. To make her feel appreciated and to let her know you care, try helping her out with the house duties every once in a while. Cook dinner, fold the laundry or wash the dishes. Saying “thank you” or “I appreciate you” works just as well, but remember actions speak louder than words.
3. Your Emotional Withdrawal
Women need emotional support, and when a woman feels that you have emotionally checked out of the relationship, she will begin to look elsewhere or even begin to move on with her life in order to find that emotional pillar she needs. In order to keep her, you must show her you care by supporting her projects, being there for her when she is having a bad day just to be a listening ear, and just being that emotional support she can lean on no matter how wild her emotions may run. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinions and communicate even through the rough times. Women appreciate it when you are emotionally connected within the relationship.
4. Bedroom Boredom
The same position, same place and same person can become boring to a woman needing sexual relief, especially when she doesn’t see an effort being made by you to spice things up. When she can’t get the variety she needs with you, she will seek excitement elsewhere, leaving you high, dry and horny. Turn up the heat in the bedroom by switching up sex positions and changing up the location. Keeping her satisfied will secure her loyalty to you.
5. Revenge
Revenge for your cheating.
When a woman is scorned, you better watch your back! There is nothing more hurtful to a woman’s ego than a man she loves relying on another woman to satisfy him. A woman in this situation is vengeful and will not rest until you feel every bit of pain that you caused her. She will cheat just to even the
playing field. You will never be able to reverse the wrong you have done, but you can ease her hurt and frustration by assuring her that you will not cheat again, and by proving through your actions that you are reformed and ready for solid commitment.
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